Join Me on A Mythic Yoga Journey to Japan: Myth, Nature and Transformation Podcast

Sydney Solis talks about her Mythic Yoga Journey to Japan on Valerie Carruther's Podcast, The Shazam Show. Myth and Transformation covers everything from Shinto, Joseph Campbell, Faith in Nature, and war and sex. Have a listen!

Walking the Kumano Kodō 熊野古道- Kumano Hongū Taisha 熊野本宮大社-

Walking the Kumano Kodo beings at 熊野本宮大社, Kumano Hongū Taisha. It serves as the head shrine of more than 3,000 Kumano shrines across Japan and is part of the san-zen - three famous shrines that cover the route. Hongu Taisha enshrines its own deity and the deities of the other two Kumano shrines, Hayatama Taisha, Nachi Taisha, as well asthe sun goddess Amaterasu.