Walking the Kumano Kodo: 玉置神社 Tamaki Shinto Shrine – With Haiku and Photos

Haiku and photographs accompany Sydney Solis's journey to Tamaki Shrine in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan while on pilgrimage walking the Kumano Kodo.

Genjuan International Haibun Contest 2020 Results

Honorable Mention for Haibun Contest in Japan! I’m honored to receive this award and am grateful to the judges!


Amazing! The judges have finished their pow-wow early this year (completed on a long conference call between Tokyo, Kyoto and Tipperary), and we have already notified the awardees, so here now are the results of the 2020 Genjuan Contest:

グランプリ作品 Grand Prix
Snow in Advent…. David Cobb (UK)

庵賞 An (Cottage) Prizes
Whispers…. David McCullough (Japan/UK)
Key West Cat…. Joan Prefontaine (USA)

入選作 Honourable Mentions
Jamshedpur …. Kanchan Chatterjee (India)
Visiting John …. Paul Bregazzi (Ireland)
Fifteen Minute Limit …. Naomi Beth Wakan (Canada)
The Penultimate Mile …. Geethanjali Rajan (India)
Nagaranishi…. Sydney Solis (Japan/USA)
The Easter of the Blajin …. Cezar-Florin Ciobica (Romania)
Sunday Stopping Train to Salzburg …. Dick Pettit (Denmark)

審査委員 Judges – Akiko Takazawa, Stephen Henry Gill, Sean O’Connor

I don’t think Grand Prix-winning author David Cobb will mind me telling you that he has just turned 94 years old. Apparently he…

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Street Photography Tour & Workshop Nov. 26 with Sydney in Osaka

In addition to photographing nature, temples and shrines, my favorite subjects are neighborhoods that are historic, have lots of character or are a bit run down. Many mornings I walk the 3.3 kilometers with my husband from our Bohemian, but chi-chi, Shinmachi neighborhood in Osaka to the Nishikujo Station he takes to work. We leave … Continue reading Street Photography Tour & Workshop Nov. 26 with Sydney in Osaka