Two Atomic Bombs and I – The 75th Anniversary of Hiroshima

I grew up under the shadow of World War II because my father was a child survivor of a Japanese concentration camp and my mother was pro-atomic bomb. Living in Japan helped me realize what really happened and make up my own mind about the atomic bombings.

Lafcadio in Japan Code – Seeking A Lost Spiritual Tradition Commemorative Exhibition Catalog Released 日本の文化

Japanese philosophy, mythology, and art lovers alike will fall in love with a unique new e-book Lafcadio in Japan Code - Seeking A Lost Spiritual Tradition. This Exhibition Catalog, doubling as a memory book of the April 22-25 Kyoto exhibition that commemorated the 170th anniversary of Lafcadio Hearn's birth, contains a plethora of art, photography, poetry and prose about Japanese culture from collaborators the world over.